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Basehart Comments and Posts

However the gossip is about RAPE... LaNaeh posted 2 months ago

I made a post a while back about Mike and Rivendell, his new dream community in the mountains with no access to roads and everyone has to helicopter in. Its all in a youtube video (right click and Open in New Window) in which Mike clearly states “I trust myself not to, you know, uh, require that everybody give me a blow job or what ever”

Evidently a blow job is not enough...

Everyone here knows I have a laundry list of complaints against Mike Reynolds and Earthship Biotecture that mainly stems from their lack of integrity.

Pure and simple, no integrity.

in·teg·ri·ty /inˈteɡrədē/ noun
the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness.
"he is known to be a man of integrity"

When an environment is created by one man who sees himself as the god of that land, there is no ending that will ever come that is good for the community.

Character traits related to integrity
Gracious. Those with integrity are gracious when others provide assistance. ...
Respectful. People with integrity value other people by showing them respect at work. ...
Honest. Integrity requires honesty. ...
Trustworthy. ...
Hardworking. ...
Responsible. ...
Helpful. ...

Jody's lawsuit is because Mike sees himself as her overlord. Our overlord.
We have discussed this situation here on this forum ad nauseam. All of our situational problems, all of our heinous back ground gossip and lack of trust, all of our bad roads, dirt filled skies, lack of water, and the silent war being waged between money and the environment, are all based on the exact same problem.

Mike sees himself as THE overlord.

Mike is toxic and has made our community toxic, which is a total and utter fiasco for this good community. How they handle issues, their abject favoritism, the publicized slanderous gossip, their pay to play scheme, their power tripping, their rules which are not our rules, container cars and stick built buildings, the trash, the garbage, the tainted well and the broken down truck, the common land that is NOT common, the lack of respect for all of those who invested here....ALL OF THAT is toxic. Mike and Earthship Biotecture treats this community as dirt on their shoes once they have your money, but this................???

The social media accounts for EARTHSHIPPERS are talking about the rape of a student from the academy by Mike. This is all over Instagram and has infiltrated all the side community social media sites and no one is siding with Mike. I'll take a look at FaceBook today and see if its over there as well.

THE ACADEMY STUDENTS, the "Alumni" are all talking about the rape of this student by Mike.

EB put out a letter to the "Alumni" attempting to get ahead of all of this, but was it sent to the community? Did any of you know that there is a student of the academy who is disclosing across social media that Mike raped her?

I would like you to ask yourself; When you read the post from the "alumni" describing what happened to her, what happened when she went to Phil, what happened when she reported to the "business manager", and what is happening now, are you really shocked or do you just read the entire post and recognize the abuse and how it is perpetrated as being all too familiar as to how Mike and EB handles all of us.

Social media posts are just that; written posts of personal experience that do not necessarily provide proof. But when the complaint as written matches so exactly to the toxic situation that Mike has set up in this community and that is echoed by every single person who stands up to fight against this man, you have to ask yourself if this young twenty something womans story rings true to you. It does to me. It is play by play how things come down when dealing with Mike and his groupies, but now we are talking about a seventy year old man manipulating a twentyish year old woman into having sex with him because he is her overlord.

I have been here six years now and I have heard tons and tons of sexually deviant stories that were associated with receiving favors from Mike. And a whole bunch of women who have lived here since the earlier days KNOWS that at the heart of this community is a sex for favors situation because I have heard your warning to me, heard your stories of the past and the current gossip regarding what happens here. I have heard the international academy student women are pre-selected by the EB MEN and then used while here as a pass around because of the exact same overt manipulation the "alumni" is expressing. -Do what I tell you to do because you are currently living on the property and we are in charge.-

Everyone really needs to think hard about this one. We all know deep down that this is exactly how Mike does business. He has manipulated everyone in some form or another. Just where do we draw the line? Where and when does the community stand up against this person who is silently controlling everything we are as a community? Does it take some victimized woman from another country to come in here and blow it all up before we do something?

Mike, his actions, who he is, and what he does, directly reflects on each and every single one of us who are here in the community. Do any of you doubt that this news is not being spread like wildfire since Mike's academy students now think Mike is a rapist?

Bottom line is that we all have heard stories –gossip- and some of us have even experienced this sexual tension and impropriety ourselves but since its SEX no one talks about it.

Now someone has. Someone has stated that Mike Reynolds raped her while she was illegally working for him in another county. Do we still stand silent? Do we still worship our overlord? Do we become enablers in our silence?

We have let him get away with being heralded as god and now we are hearing about a rape of an academy student.

What say you now?

Hello all-
I would like to explain my interaction with this individual:

She reached out to me via email on 8/26 of this year, about 12 weeks ago.
She said I was the one she felt comfortable talking to.
She explained the allegations and explained her opinion of how the company creates a climate of sexual harassment.

She asked my to keep all the information to myself and to not share her identity.

I responded with serious concern. I asked her permission to bring it to the administration in an anonymous way. She agreed. This was two weeks after the initial email.
I met privately with the EB administration and went over all allegations and complaints while keeping her identity anonymous. As I was asked to do.
In the mean time I received another more aggressive email asking what I was doing about the situation. I responded that I was in process of working toward a solution.
The admin and I discussed many solutions. Including classes for all staff on sexual harassment, ending fraternization of crew and students/volunteers and more in an effort to create change within the company.
The admin also wrote an email explaining what we had discussed and inviting this individual to come in and talk to the admin and myself.
I sent this email to the individual as well as our sexual harassment policy that all employees sign.
I received no response.

And that is it. I am happy to discuss this privately with anyone. And i want all to know that i was, and still am, actively advocating for this individual.

I love our community and want to maintain a safe environment for all.

I do feel I have been absolutely misrepresented in her insta posts. Out of context quotes, etc.

I am deeply saddened by how this appears to those who don’t know me.

And those that do know me know that I have strived for equality, respect and a safe work environment for all people for decades.
I will continue to represent myself and EB and BPE at the highest standard.
Thanks for listening.

profile-50.pngPhil Basehart commented 2 months ago

I did not read the posts about you as being anything but loyal to Mike. You seemed to represent HIM properly. I dont really know you, but I do understand your frustration and being named. I get all of what you are saying. I get that business wise you all need to be VERY VERY careful right now. We ALL understand what is at stake because we have been watching Mike put everything at stake for YEARS now.

It is also very interesting to me that all this time you have been watching this forum, almost from its beginning and this is the first time you thought to reach out to the community. Because this is rape? Because this is CRIMINAL? Because this is heinous? Is this where you draw the line?

Because the community has been begging for the help of EB and you for years since the GWLUA expired and you are totally moot on all of that. So forgive me when I doubt your intention of finally making a post to the community when it comes down to skin.

You people need to own up to how you are using us. We have been trying to open your eyes with our discontent for years. EB and the rest of you IGNORE us. If we have complaints, you ignore us. You pretend that we dont exist.

DO BETTER, because right now you coming in here to plead your case and tell us all how you love this community rings a little hollow in my ears when it seems the only reason you are chiming in is because there is an Academy student (someone under your hire) telling the world that Mike raped her on one of your job sites.


profile-50.pngLaNaeh commented 2 months ago

What I find really curious is that neither EB nor the GWInc board, have seen fit to comment on this to the community at large! After all, we LIVE HERE! This effects our safety and security.

The silence suggests where their priorities lie.

It's just disgusting.

profile-50.pngGillian Fryer commented 2 months ago

The quote from Phil's post was "She reached out to me via email on 8/26 of this year, about 12 weeks ago."

About 12 weeks ago EB became aware of this incident, Phil was aware, they ALL were aware. The community which is and will be directly affected by Mike's heinous behavior was NOT informed.

When EB sent the email to the alumni, NONE of us were informed. A second opportunity to allow the Greater World Community to know what Greater World's supposed leader, the face of Greater World, had done. Or was caught doing, this time.

As a member of this board, at any time Phil could have come here to state what he is now stating after the fact. But no, the main reason we were not informed becomes completely transparent and obvious. In this community Mike's sexual deviancy is NOT a secret at all and this was obviously an attempt at keeping Mike's sexual deviancy secreted from the public at large. Why? Because this speaks to the reputation of Earthship Biotecture, the safety of its Academy students and the professionalism of the entire EB staff, etal.

It might not be widely known, but I have multiple relationships with the Academy Alumni and EB employees past and present, as well as other groups of earthship builders online. Oh the things I have been told.....

The one and only reason we know about this ongoing situation is because one of the students let me know that there are students currently at EB that are leaving, quitting, -- jumping ship-- #earthshipmutiny because they found out Mike raped Cat.

Again only gossip into my ears, but evidently truth since Phil himself has stated here and privately to the victim that he was aware of the incident, thought that Mike should be brought to task for what he had done but that she would have to be the one to stop him AND that he does not party with his crew BECAUSE OF THE INNUENDO AND WHAT HE HAS HEARD HAPPENS THERE.

How can we assume anything other than the fact that Mike raped this student and its not the first time this indiscriminate activity has happened to EB students under Phil's hire.

The disregarded by Earthship Biotecture for this community is horrendous, however we have been held powerless to do a single thing about it.

All the sudden, today, right now, EB cares about the community?

Phil, it is all well and good you feel you can state "I will continue to represent myself and EB and BPE at the highest standard"

But personally, I feel you would be better off examining what it is exactly that you consider as "high standards".

profile-50.pngLaNaeh commented 2 months ago

And again, what this website is intended to do is to DOCUMENT situations that are happening to the community.

I just received this response.

From: Sara Basehart [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Monday, December 6, 2021 12:06 PM
To: LaNaeh Ashford
Subject: Re: There is a rape incident that has been reported by an EB student to EB

She wrote a letter to us saying it was consensual & non-violent but that she regrets it. Consensual = not rape. So maybe you should shut the fuck up until you actually know what you’re talking about. Oh, that’s right, you live for spreading lies and misinformation. Must be miserable being you.
Again, fuck you, you suck as a neighbor. We have a good laugh with every made up post you make on your fake HOA website you troll. Since you feel you have the right to write all of us your miserable little lies and bullshit opinions, enjoy reading mine.
You suck,

profile-50.pngLaNaeh commented 2 months ago

Is this representative of the "highest standards" we can expect from EB and the Baseharts?

profile-50.pngLaNaeh commented 2 months ago

Hello everyone,

My name is Catherine and I am the young woman Michael Reynolds raped. I would like to address Phil Basehart's comment and Sara Basehart's email. First off, I NEVER said my rape was consensual. If the Basehart’s think I misrepresented Phil or took his quotes out of context- I welcome him to show our entire email converstaion. Although, I do ask that Basehart include the almost incomprehensable email he sent me before my series came out.

profile-50.pngCatherine Waterbury commented 2 months ago

profile-50.pngCatherine Waterbury commented 2 months ago

Rape is about power... abuse of power. When I was twenty-something, it was predicted that 1 in 4 women would be raped in their lifetimes. I'm sure its higher now.

As a lawyer, I would question the capacity of anyone who is very drunk, to provide consent.

Catherine, I commend you for your bravery in coming forward with this information. It is forcing you to not only relive much of it, but also to defend yourself against Mike's supporters, many of whom have a financial interest in the outcome of this.

I only hope the best comes of all of this.

profile-50.pngGillian Fryer commented 2 months ago

When the wife of the EB foreman addresses this very serious situation by stating..."Again, fuck you, you suck as a neighbor. We have a good laugh with every made up post you make on your fake HOA website you troll." it makes it a wee bit difficult to believe that this horrifically serious situation is being addressed in the manner it deserves or even if it is being taken seriously at all.

The Basehart's, in Sara's recollection, have a good laugh at the posts made by the community and find it absolutely fine that Mike, an elderly married man, instigated forced sex with an Academy student because somehow they think this beautiful twenty something woman gave Mike consent, so it okay???

These people are enablers.

Forgive me for not falling for it.

Catherine, stay strong. The vast majority of this community is appalled and wants something REAL done about this, not just some clumsy email sent to certain people who historically side with EB.

profile-50.pngLaNaeh commented 2 months ago