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Earthship Biotecture Statement Nov

Earthship Biotecture Statement 

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From: Earthship Biotecture
Date: Wed, Nov 24, 2021 at 5:39 PM
Subject: Earthship Biotecture Statement

Dear Alumni

At Earthship Biotecture we wish to stand in solidarity with those that are looking to create a more harmonious reality. Many of us have been brought up in atmospheres of indoctrination and systemic oppression and it is our vision to challenge and unlearn these ideologies in order to create a world less steeped in reliance on harmful infrastructure and inequity. Recent allegations regarding the moral conduct of our organization’s leadership have caught our attention and we wish to address this from a place of compassion.

With deep self reflection and humility, like many other organizations, we are continually working to address the myriad of ways Earthship Biotecture as a company can improve. We acknowledge that we are not perfect and have a continued interest in addressing the ways we can create a space that is welcoming to all individuals.

We are not in the liberty to speak as representatives of the experiences lived by the individual coming forward, yet we do not want to stand idly by in the public sphere. We have never been ones to quietly stand on the sidelines as injustices are made known and don’t intend to start now. While we respect all voices including that of this individual we also want to share our own voice. These specific allegations against the organization, while not taken lightly, are false.

As an organization we are firmly committed to our Discrimination and Harassment policy which states:
“Earthship Biotecture disapproves of and strictly prohibits comments or actions by anyone that may create an offensive or hostile work environment for any employee because of the employee’s race, color, religion, age, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, national origin, disability, ancestry, or medical condition. This policy extends not only to prohibiting unwelcome sexual advances and offensive sexual jokes, innuendos, or behaviors, but also prohibits offensive conduct related to or based upon factors other than sex.”

Earthship Biotecture aims to uphold the safety of our staff, students, partnerships, clients, and community as a whole. We are committed to continuously creating an inclusive space where all individuals can learn and work with us towards a more sustainable future.

As stated in our Treatise, it is our aim “To empower individuals with the inarguable forces of nature as opposed to incapacitating them with the smothering forces of politics and bureaucracy.” Whether in the form of biologically harmful infrastructure or social power inequality, we wish to challenge the systems that have kept individuals oppressed. We appreciate all those that have worked with us over the past 50 years towards creating a more harmonious and sustainable planet.

With the utmost respect for all,

Earthship Biotecture