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How incorporation should happen

Chavez described how incorpriotion should happen:

1. the members should be polled to reveal what they want
2. if they want to incorporate, they should vote for an initial board
3. that board should create the articles of incorporation 
4. the members should vote to adopt the articles
5. the articles should be filed with the NM Secretary of State.
6. by-laws should be crafted and voted on by the membership
7. the by-laws should be filed within 30 days of filing the articles
6. the first board meeting is held

What has happened so far:

1. the board has decided that they will be the first board of the corporation
2. the board has decided that they will continue to use the current documents of the GWLUA (articles of association, by-laws and LUC.)
3. the board has decided the terms of balloting for incorporation

Several other things:

Our original By-laws from 4/26/94 state that the GWLUA shall exist for 25 years. The expiration date was 4/26/19. In order to continue the GWLUA, the by-laws REQUIRE that 75% of the MEMBERS SIGN A STATEMENT that they support continuing the GWLUA or some variation of the GWLUA. That has not been done.

The board has stated that one reason for incorporating is that it can exist forever. 

BEFORE we incorporate into a permanent organization, we MUST decide if we want to continue the GWLUA and that MUST be by at least a 75% margin. 

The board is apparently unconcerned about violating our own rules. 

If you read the previous article, you know that IF the lands are turned over, Mike will have controlling votes, in a permanent organization. 

Is this what you want?