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Reynolds Comment

From: Michael Reynolds [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Monday, December 6, 2021 4:06 PM
Subject: Statement

Hello All,

While I respect every person’s opinion and I am sorry for the pain, the claims and accusations made by Catherine Waterbury are untrue. These very serious remarks represent an agenda that I am not fully aware of yet, but I will continue to stay consistent to my mission of creating sustainable housing for all.

Nobody in their right mind could hold Phil Basehart responsible for the alleged actions of anyone else.

-michael reynolds

An easy dismissal by Mike that has already been addressed by Catherine.
We dont need you to tell us it didnt happen, we need you to STOP

Since our readership has increased lately, I would like to encourage anyone who needs outreach, who needs to talk to someone, who needs a little help finding help, we are here for you.

Although most of us are very private, I think it is sometimes forgotten that we are, as a community, viewed on the world stage. I want you to know that this is a good community, just not a perfect neighborhood, yet. We are growing every day and are actively attempting to re-awaken the community dream.

Most of us also fully understand that not everyone has to get along perfectly with everyone else, as long as there is at least mutual respect. One of the ways people become their greatest is by finding acceptance and support of their own individuality within their neighborhood. The aim is to celebrate diversity!

We all live together in this subdivision and are attempting to be the earth friendly example of sustainability that the world perceives us to be; environmentally intelligent and actively progressive in our pursuit to learn more ourselves and educate others in off the grid living. You are important. The way you are treated while here is important. The impression you have of the Greater World Community, when you leave here, is important.

It has become very apparent that the student/workers may not be getting a fair representation of the community which has lead to misunderstandings and a lack of positive interaction between us. Please consider participating in an upcoming survey that would be helpful to us in pinpointing areas that we can improve. Any questions asked will have an n/a option, as well as an area to leave comments. All surveys are completely anonymous so if you would like us to reach out to you, there will be a section for your contact information at the bottom. We expect to have this survey to you the first week of January.

I know I can speak for everyone in saying we do not condone hate, harassment or abuse in any form especially when it comes to the seasonal population of student/workers that visit us here at Greater World.