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Can't we just leave things alone?

Well, yes we could… and maybe nothing would happen... for a while.

Mike likes to say that everything has worked fine for twenty years, why change them now? Well, because they haven't... worked fine.

Every few years someone comes forward and tries to propose some new community idea that ultimately goes nowhere. Or maybe they complain about why we are paying for the roads when the LUC says the 'initiator' will pay until 90% build out. Or they ask why we are paying for the taxes on lands not in our name? If they get called on some infraction, when a neighbor has the exact same item and the Board thought that was OK.

Since 2005, the Board has selectively enforced the Land User's Code. The Board has passed rules that change the founding documents without community consultation and agreement. That is not only illegal, its immoral. It is a breach of fiduciary duty on the part of the 'initiator' who retains a permanent unelected position on the Board. It's also a constant and repeated breach of duty on the part of all the Board members who continue to let this happen. Every. Single. One. Of. Them.

Anyone who points out the failings of the community or, gasp, the Earthship concept, gets pilloried. They eventually fade back into the shadows and keep their mouths shut. The rest of us know exactly what happened and breathe a sigh of relief that it wasn't us.

So you're right: we could just let things continue as they are, and probably nothing will change. The Board will continue to kowtow to the initiator, at the expense of community members.

The past Board will continue to pretend they are doing work of value, as they just pass the time away.

Someone will come forward and ask, "just why are we paying for this when our documents say otherwise?" and the attacks will renew.

It's no way to live.

We all expected better.

This is an opportunity to make a positive change and have a say in the future of everyone who lives at Greater World. Maybe we actually can make it a Greater World.

Please help make the happen.


Next: what's next?

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