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EB Victims Deserve Our Support

The Victims of EB Deserve Support Catherine Waterbury posted 7 days ago

Community Members-

Reality is inherently multifaceted. You can love your life in the Greater World while still validating the concerns of others. A person can be both a great friend and an abusive leader. Circumstances can be both joyful and serious. Understanding the duality of life is how informed decisions are made.

I was born at the very end of 1996 which means some of your Earthships have been around longer than me! I'm glad for those who have been able to find happiness and peace at the Greater World. In a community based on self reliance, social progress can stall without notice.

It is no secret that the Greater World community is not so great. You may not have to pay for electric heating but the unexpected costs of living within the Greater World are immense... and I’m not just talking about your water bills. I am a landowner in Michael Reynolds’s failed subdivision “STARR” and can assure you that this is not the first time Reynolds has torpedoed a community.

The Greater World acts as the headquarters for Earthship Biotecture. It is where a majority of EB’s illegal activity occurs. Although you may not want to address these issues, they are quite literally knocking on your front door. Some of the friends you've kept within the community have aided and enabled a rapist and con artist. I was abused by Michael Reynolds and his company and I know I am not his only victim. You know I am not the only victim because Reynolds’s abuses all of the people he comes in contact with- including you.

I am not going to stop talking about my rape. Earthship Biotecture (the company that controls your community) aided Michael Reynolds to groom and sexually abuse me. Beyond my rape, the experiences other victims have had must be acknowledged. The students, staff, and clients who have been abused by EB deserve community support. The victims of EB need community support. They deserve a radical community that stands for liberation and safety. A community actually interested in conflict resolution and reconciliation.

I am working with overseas and local authorities to shed light on the amount of illegal activity that happens that EB- at "the Greater World". The legal system is slow and grueling but progress is being made. I know that if I speak out and do what I can to end the criminal activity at EB- I will not be enabling the abuse that has been happening for decades. Can you say the same?

all that evil requires to flourish. is for. good people to remain silent. I just want to say that I encourage. those. who are speaking. up to continue... even if it feels futile. Don't. give. up. Stand. up and speak. up about. things that. matter. Thankyou

profile-50.pngJody Rhines commented 5 days ago

Thank you for the support Jody! I appreciate the reminder and your dedication to those trying to make positive change !!

profile-50.pngCatherine Waterbury commented 5 days ago