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Earthships and the Little Red Hen

Instead we have The Little Red Hen 

The confusion around closing the message board portion of this page is such a perfect example of the disconnect of this entire community.

For decades Mike made decisions for all of you. He chose for everyone. He pretended like you voted. Maybe at first he thought he would ask, but no one answers. No one. Everyone sits back and watches hoping someone else will do something and when they don't.......oh well.

I could totally understand how after awhile of no one caring or answering or participating you just go ahead and make a choice because if you wait around for a bunch of people to figure out what their opinion is and how it effects them and if others are going to object or maybe not want to do anything at all.....................................YOU JUST GIVE UP.

YOU GIVE UP. You give up trying to get your point across. You give up trying to wrangle kittens. You just GIVE UP.

It is the same with this entire forum. A dozen of us started all this at first, slowly but surely "we" dwindled down to a handful as the fringe decided that they were not going to get exactly what they wanted, they weren't hearing exactly what they wanted to hear or decided they didn't really like their neighbor anyway.

But Gillian and I kept at it as two separate entities.
We kept researching.
We kept documenting.
We kept on Mike and his merry gang.
We kept searching for what happened and how it could have happened.
We kept going.

And as we were going, this specific website was our tool to keep track of everything that happened. We had so much going on that it was worth it for us to PAY for this site for the community. We didn't ask you to help. We didn't need you to help.

We wanted to figure this out so that Greater World could become what we had all envisioned. A greater world for the greater good. ALL not just one.

None of us knew if any of this was going to lead to anything. Gillian dropped off of paying so I picked it up nearly two years ago. And lo and behold Gillian is a genius and delivered us from all of this by finding the loop hole that no one else even saw for DECADES. She brought all her information here and dropped it into this website in a concise format so that everyone could read and understand what it took all this time to reveal. You can find the compilation of all this information in the drop down called FROM START TO FINISH.

OLD BUSINESS and GREATER WORLD DOCUMENTS has all the background information and there is an invisible file with more.

We thought this was all of it. We thought what had happened to the community was complete but we could only see as far as our own noses. And unfortunately all the really horrendous rumors about EB and Mike that we had ignored, having no way to address them ourselves, reared their ugly heads and in an instant we now have a very brave young woman who has stepped forward and is actively pursuing a RAPE charge against Mike, as well as disclosing a completely toxic environment for the entire Academy. You will find a compilation of all of this information in the drop down #EARTHSHIPMUTINY

So here we sit with the expiration of GWLUA and the complete likelihood that not once did Reynolds do a single thing legally so more than likely any and all of his contracts are also not legit, but what's more the EB Academy is a den of sexual deviancy that takes its "act" to other countries and EB is fully aware.

This is what we KNOW.
This is what we have discovered/uncovered.
This is what you would NOT KNOW if this website did not exist, if Gillian and I had not continued you would not know any of this. EB hasn't addressed the community yet, their email was to the Academy students and Mike has said his victim had an agenda.

You would NOT KNOW if this website did not exist. They don't tell you. They choose for you. They assign a decision to you BECAUSE YOU DO NOT PARTICIPATE.

And throughout this time we have gained membership here. And throughout this time more and more people come to read this information at least weekly. And throughout this time this website has served as a very useful tool to inform you ALL. Community members, potential buyers, people that still need to build, academy students and alumni and a whole bunch of people that work for EB and Mike. You ALL come here to learn about what the heck is going on because there is no other place to go. You can't trust what is coming from GW Inc because they don't tell you the truth.

They only tell you what you need to know. Want to know why? Want to know why this community is treated the way we are?


No one wants to participate. No one wants to be a part of the whole unless everyone involved meets their standards. No one wants to rock the boat or speak up. No one wants to get in on decisions because they might not get exactly what they want. No one wants to do the work. No one wants to have to organize. No one wants to be responsible for the whole as unbiased representative.

No one really wants to donate the money it takes for the forum to stay open, but they sure are willing to come here to say how valuable it has been for them. Generously stating they are going to donate, but the real intention is to power grab so they can be in control having absolutely no idea how many hours has gone into all of this. This site did not write itself. And up to this point we have asked you for NOTHING.

No one wants to wait for group inertia so that a synergistic opinion or viewpoint of this community can be made that would actually blanket all of us, encompass all of us, make us a community of LIKE MINDED but not matching individuals.

Instead we have the old fable of The Little Red Hen.

This will be my last post here as the forum will close in a couple of weeks. Gillian will eventually be given this website and maybe she can talk you all into being a community. But I'm giving up. I am done mainly because this whole scenario is done. Reynolds, EB and the Academy are all going to be going through some things because they have been playing with the law. But my home is safe. I am not part of a HOA. I do not owe anything to Reynolds, EB or their people. I don't owe anything to any of you. You are my neighbors and I have thought about all of you for many years, but now, I'm done.


The tired little red hen asked her friends, "Who will help me bake the bread ?"
"Not I," barked the lazy dog.
"Not I," purred the sleepy cat.
"Not I," quacked the noisy yellow duck.

"Then I will," said the little red hen. So the little red hen baked the bread all by herself.

When the bread was finished, the tired little red hen asked her friends, "Who will help me eat the bread ?"
"I will," barked the lazy dog.
"I will," purred the sleepy cat.
"I will," quacked the noisy yellow duck.

"No!" said the little red hen . "I will." And the little red hen ate the bread all by herself.

The problem is that if the community is not successful at coming together, then the establishment (aka the GWinc), legal or not will do as it does- and liens will likely be filed and others can also lose their homes as the law- as a thick and senseless kind of thing- will roll on over and through individuals.
You can say all day and all night long that this 'establishment' 'doesn't pertain to me'... and you can stop paying your dues- but then, I guess you could wind up in court. I think what would happen at that time is you would say the HOA is not legitimate and the judge or magistrate would have to hear your argument and theirs in order to determine a legal answer.
I am sorry for all the hurt that has happened to folks and I also wished for a unified response that could save the community.
I wanted something good to come to the community and I don't know what will happen, but prophecy has never been my responsibility- only doing the right thing (meaning moral, good) in any given moment.
Three of us filed a legal suit about 6 years ago in an attempt to right some of the wrongs.
I do not know how to convince people to stand up for themselves... I do know that I, alone am not very convincing to any of the helping agencies I have queried - they have always wanted to see the community members themselves making some sort of complaint. And it looks like Reynolds has assessed people correctly- they won't stand up for themselves in any unified way. Predators know what prey looks like- know who is a good mark and who isn't... so... here we are. Regardless, I wish nothing but the best for everyone involved and hold no hate or ill regard in my heart for anyone.

profile-50.pngJody Rhines