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Some people don't like ME. LaNaeh posted 7 months ago

I'm okay with that. I know a thing or two about life and the fact that there will always be people who don't like you. I would like to point out the difference in our approach to things. This page is not mine and matter of fact it was not opened by, just me. Each issue and item, although sometimes spiced up with the posters "opinion", is and has always been genuine. Are any of us perfect? Nope. And by the way we also are only neighbors. Maybe we could or would be friends but for the intents of this forum, we are neighbors that need a place to talk about our community without those other neighbors using crazy anger and slander in hopes to ...draw others to their side?

There is no side. There is simply a contract the developer made and all the history that followed is well documented here. Not made up. Documented by an actual very large group of other caring neighbors. People who did SIGN THEIR NAMES to independence from these people who historically and obviously currently can only vent their grievances in the manner below. I believe you all received these in email already, but what we do here is document. And document we will, even if we are being actively and publicly bullied.

These people are welcome here too. Its their community too. I would just like the rhetoric toned down a bit as I am sure you all would as well.

Please be aware that this website: is a fraudulent website created by Lanaeh Ashford solely for the purpose of spreading misinformation, distrust, discord and sharing information gleaned by driving around the neighborhood spying on her neighbors. By stealing the name Greater World Community and signing up for a .org website she hopes to convey a legitimacy she does not have.

There are unfortunately a small group of our residents who devote themselves to whining and moaning about what they themselves want and how unhappy they are , without actively doing anything positive to resolve the real issues affecting our developing neighborhood. These are the same small group who also start multiple lawsuits against “unnamed people for undisclosed amounts of compensation” that have served no purpose except to enrich lawyers. These are also the same people who refuse to pay their community fees that take care of the roads and maintenance issues because they don’t believe they live in an organized incorporated HOA neighborhood.(But legally they do). These are also the same people who attend board meetings and hisss and boo and scream and refuse to have a civilized conversation or even to provide any suggestions. They show up to perform and belittle and then run away. Furthermore, these are the same people who have the nerve to write accusatory, factually incorrect, often misspelled letters to the GWBoard, Taos County, and on this website claiming to represent us all (without our consent).

The only reason to join this website would be if you like malicious gossip or want to see if someone has come into your yard and photographed your house or your neighbors without permission. You can often find Lanaeh or her neighbor Gillian or the rest of their gang slowly driving around the neighborhood in the evening, phones in hand, taking pictures of other peoples’ houses and yards in the neighborhood to write about in their next diatribe. If you like to read MISSPELLED PROVOCATIVE HEADLINES THAT SERVE ONLY TO DIMINISH AND CRITICIZE THISE WHO ARE ACTUALLY DOING SOMETHING!!!! You should definitely join this strangely private, membership only website where 100% the information is controlled by one person who has never worked on any building in the neighborhood or for any facet of Earthship businesses, or for the Greater World Subdivision, Inc.

For real information, attend board meetings. Take Earthship Academy classes that are available FOR FREE to all community members. Talk to your neighbors. And maybe now that the pandemic is ending we can start organizing some neighborhood get togethers to get to know each other better.

Your happy neighbor,

Sara Basehart
Seconds Eco Store
Taos, NM

Judy Sutton writes:

Dear lanaeh, aren't you the one who drives drunk through the Greater world without your hands on the wheel of your car, thereby endangering your neighbors, their children and pets? Now you are doing that and taking pictures. Aren't you a credit to the human race?

Could we all get together and figure out our gang signs?

You can often find Lanaeh or her neighbor Gillian or the rest of their gang slowly driving around the neighborhood in the evening

And by the way, I drive slowly so I dont endanger all of you....

I had decided not to read this earlier today because I knew that whatever was said was nothing but ill intent. I should have not re-visited this silliness.

profile-50.pngLaNaeh commented 7 months ago