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Currently necessary documentation

Due to a current situation, it looks as if it is time to start doing a bit of documenting once again.

Michael Reynolds <[email protected]>
Cc:+94 others
Mon 9/25/2023 11:40 AM

hey all …
there is a great deal of slanderous and libelous material in these communications in a public forum from a community member who clearly does not have facts.    
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To: Michael Reynolds
Cc:+94 others
Mon 9/25/2023 12:27 PM

Except for the fact that EVERY SINGLE THING being sent out IS FROM THE COURTS AND DOCUMENTED.  Not one piece of EVIDENCE IS HERESAY, nor is it opinion. It's seemingly rather interesting that you Mike, do not realize the enormous amount of information about YOU that is available when one starts digging around with a whole group of people interested in discovering ALL the ways you have been dirty dealing all these years.

So hey, maybe KNOWING what was being sent might be a good idea before you LABEL COURT DOCUMENTS, LETTERS FROM ATTORNEYS and other curated information as NOT HAVING FACTS.

Opinion does NOT win a court case BUT FACTS DO, MIKE.

If you would quit blowing smoke up the communities....ear, and paid attention to the DETAILS THE COURT IS CURRENTLY LAYING OUT, you might be aware that we have the goods.

Thanks for showing that once again your ONLY REAL WEAPON is to talk badly about people, make them uncomfortable, and basically attempt to turn THE ENTIRE COMMUNITY against them.  This is what you do when you dont get what you want. YOU TURN PEOPLE AGAINST EACH OTHER SO THEY DONT TALK TO EACH OTHER, because if we do talk..................WE UNCOVER WHAT YOU HAVE DONE INDIVIDUALLY TO EACH OF US AND START COMPARING NOTES.

Your meeting presentation could have been the EXACT same verbiage as you filled the room with in 2015.  You are still spewing the same "story" even though WE HAVE THE DOCUMENTATION NOW.

So ALLOW us to EVOLVE without constantly attempting to start in-house WARS.

YOU as the developer are 100% RESPONSIBLE for putting in ROADS that can in the FUTURE be appropriately maintained by the community. UNTIL YOU PUT IN REAL ROADS, not driven over and grated desert, but real roads....THE COMMUNITY SHOULD BE PAYING zero.

You currently OWN THE LAND around OUR WELL.  You made it so we cannot have water on our own, but have to have a well that is on YOUR PROPERTY and currently you are telling the people of this community that it is OUR RESPONSIBILITY to make the well run clean water, buy a pump and truck that can haul POTABLE WATER.

THIS IS NOT THE RESPONSIBLITY OF THE COMMUNITY.  It was what YOU OWED TO US AS THE DEVELOPER.  Our home owners insurance is in JEOPARDY BECAUSE OF YOU and the fact that you have not done your FIDUCIARY DUTY.

The COMMON LAND SHOULD BE OWNED BY THE SUBDIVISION. But instead you AGAIN secreted its value away into some other business entity THAT YOU CAN CONTINUE TO CONTROL AND LEVERAGE.

YOU KNOW ALL OF THIS MIKE.  Yet here you are playing Polly Anna and pretending to BE INNOCENT.

I told you YEARS ago face to face that I was NOT GOING TO LET THIS FLY-BY.

People can only be duped for so long before they start realizing where the stink comes from.

In my personal opinion, you should really be concerned over people finding out about #EARTHSHIPMUTINY, because that's when it all will start getting very interesting.

When Mike gets mad, he gets vengeful and pretends to not understand what is happening to him.

If something happens to me or my home, you will all know why.


Michael Reynolds <[email protected]>
Thu 9/28/2023 10:17 AM
You have meet the legal requirements for the definition of what is required to execute a defamation of character law suite.

You have posted in a public forum information that is not the truth and has caused and is continuing to cause damage.

Take your posts down immediately or a law suit well be filed.

Re: Slander/liable
LaNaeh Ashford
To: Michael Reynolds
Cc:+94 others

File this one under "get your popcorn out"

Dear Mike,
If I were you, I would think very long and hard about the actual DISCOVERY portion of what a lawsuit would do in regard to whatever it is that you have decided is bad enough to sue me over. I am only one of many messengers that will gladly stand up.

I have an idea of why you are disturbed, however I am not the subject of the so called 'rumors' about you, nor am I the one claiming to have suffered your abuses, nor am I any number of people in this community who have first hand knowledge and could also be called into court to talk about, whatever this is you seem to be upset with at this time.

My personal thought is that you should simply fulfil the fiduciary duties that you owe this community as its developer. That is my one stand on everything even though for some reason you feel that my complaint about you is personal. THIS IS BUSINESS. You are the DEVELOPER of this community. You have made fiduciary contracts with all of us that you are not fulfilling. I would suggest you concentrate on the court case addressing this rather than thinking up more ways to get yourself back into court.

Again, I will state for the record: When you stand up to Mike Reynolds, he gets vindictive and attempts to take revenge. The entire reason a large portion of this community does not show up or even think about participating here in Greater World is because they all have prior experience with this specific style of direct intimidation that comes from Mike Reynolds when he no longer likes you.

If something happens to me or my home, you all will understand why.


ps You are now being mass emailed to make sure everything stays in the public eye.

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