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Our Struggle

The Greater World is an off-the-grid community of about 60 Earthships in the middle of acres of rolling sagebrush just west of the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge in Taos County, NM.  We use solar and wind power for our energy and rain catchment for our water supply. The homes are constructed of recycled materials, tires rammed with earth and bottles and cans. A total of 120 lots are planned, all surrounded by approximately 347 acres of undeveloped common land.

The Earthship was invented by architect Michael Reynolds who began building Earthships in Taos.  The Greater World began as an association with memberships with no individual land ownership, but the town of Taos declared that it could be classified as a subdivision even if it was unconventional.  In 1994 Mike Reynolds wrote the original Treatise for the Greater World subdivision and formed a non-profit unincorporated association. 

The treatise states “The Association shall exist for a period of twenty-five (25) years.” Those 25 years expired on April 26, 2019.

The treatise states “The Association may be renewed thereafter under then similar statutory provisions as now pertain upon the written consent of seventy-five (75) percent of it’s then members in good standing.”  Again  however this treatise expired in late April this year.

The community is at a crossroads because the time has now expired and no changes were voted on or initiated, so the GWLUA no longer exists.  This expiration includes the current board, bylaws and operations and in order to form a new legality, WE as a community must each agree to whatever is up coming.  Since this is a contractual situation, you must vote or give your permission.  You must approve before you can enter into a legally binding agreement.

This website is an effort to inform and unite the community and get members’ input and opinions on the best direction for the Greater World to go.  We value your ideas and thoughts.

DISCLAIMER:  We apologize for locking the forum and survey, but it is very important to stand and be counted at this time. By registering, when you post in the forum we will all know you are a landowner and that you take responsibility for your posts.  When taking the voting surveys registering allows for one survey per person.  However the surveys are completely anonymous, not even the site moderators see identity, they only see the count and comments. 

Since the outcome should be built on majority rule, we are putting a lot of time into making sure every single land owner knows these options and has a chance to input options of your own.  You can really help us out by letting us know you are aware of this website by registering so we can check you off our list of people still needing to be contacted. 

Also you can help as well by bringing people to this website.  Spread the word.  Let's get the community together on this very important occasion!  

Most importantly, we want your input.  We want to know what you want to do now. We also wanted to express our own view point and have you take a look at our ideas.  We only organized the movement; we are not advocating that we become the leaders.  We are not stating that this website is how things will be handled in the future.  This is simply a prototype, a feasible possibility. 

Please help us by signing in, reading all the information, TAKE THE SURVEY, and lets open this topic for discussion!

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Please send you comments to [email protected]