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First Surveys Results

Although we had less than half participating, its important to know what others in the community are thinking. 
This is the exact format site admins see the results of the surveys so please notice you are completely anonymous on this web site aside from Forum posts.  Although it has come time to register your acknowledgement that the past association has expired and we are now free to form anew.

Are you happy with the current rules that have been effective during the past 25 years?

Answer Count Percentage
No 14 88%
Yes 2 13%

Do you feel the way the Board operated in the past was in the best interest of the community?

Answer Count Percentage
No 14 88%
Yes 2 13%

Do you feel we would be better served if a new basic plan was rolled out after community input?

Answer Count Percentage
Yes 14 88%
No 2 13%

Would you prefer to simply leave things as they are now and continue with the current documents?

Answer Count Percentage
No 15 94%
Yes 1 6%

Do you believe Greater World has common lands that are jointly owned by the community?

Answer Count Percentage
Yes 7 44%
No 9 56%

Are you aware that the "common land" is actually in Mike Reynolds name and not the community's?

Answer Count Percentage
Yes 14 88%
No 2 13%

Are you ready to help develop a new plan for GW during this opportunity to change our basic rules?

Answer Count Percentage
Yes 15 94%
No 1 6%

What are some of the things you would NOT want to see changed?

Private ownership of lots, including boundary surveys.    
It all needs to be changed. Scrap the whole thing and start again.    
I can live with most of the stuff.    
common lands remain undeveloped    
Requirements that homes be earthships; GW is off-the-grid    
The provision where the developer cedes the land after 20 years. Its been 25!    
existence of common lands. earthship construction for homes    
Don’t know    
Current dues    
I answered the first two questions, but the rest I am unclear of how to answer since my sister and I are very new to the community. We are here to learn and we certainly want the best for all involved the community.    
Some logical restrictions, like no trailers, mobile homes, shipping containers    
nothing comes to mind    
Everything needs to be thrown out.    
All homes must be Earthships, and systems approved by EB. Common land ownership by the community. High profile vehicles not allowed at home sites. No derelict vehicles on the property. No chain-link fences around houses. No metal outbuildings    

What are some of the things you WANT to have changed?

1. Independent control of the board by members. 2. Status of outbuildings    
The current board needs to get out of the way and allow new documents to be created.    
Less restrictions on building details, i.e "must be attached". Allow for containers BUT only if covered as to blend in.    
One person one vote. Reynolds not on the board    
Restrictions re. greenhouses, storage sheds, garages; each membership having a vote; bd of directors' terms; developer on the board    
1. Types of greenhouses and garage types. ie: Not just expensive and laborious Earthships. 2. Mining in the gravel pit. 3. Board approval for Earthship Biotecture built projects. 4. A board controlled by community members, not a developer    
Mike not on the board. One person one vote.    
Mike Reynolds shouldn’t be allowed any input into GW. Should have to get permission by Gw in formal way to build anything in Gw.    
Don’t know    
The current Board has to go. Mike needs to transition power to the people.    
I am curious about the well water situation, and wonder if we can have a large community building that can also collect water from its large roof. Hopefully, the well and the community roof water can serve the community when needed.    
One person, one vote    
1 household or person 1 vote, not lot or unsold spec house or empty house    
Incorporate GW. One person, one vote. Substantive changes to the bylaws require 2/3 community approval.    
One owner, one vote. Outbuilding construction can be other than earthships construction, but must be approved by neighbors as to location and visual appeal. Mandatory animal containment by walls or kennels. No free-range, outdoor cats.    

What are your questions or concerns that still need to be addressed?

Road maintenance    
The community needs access to the bank account.    
Why is the board still composed of Renyolds people, Amy, Judy (on another board set up by MR). This is a conflict of interest. Why is the community not involved in GW decisions, seems like the Board is a bunch of petty dictators.    
What if the board refuses to give up power?    
Can Mike and his atty "force" the community lands/roads on us before we are satisfied that we know exactly what Mike is still responsible for?    
Why doesn't the community own the common land? Why doesn't the community control our own decisions?    
What if the community doesn't want an HOA?    
Need more time. This survey is too complex. This is what we have a board for.    
What about Chavez    
I am curious about the water as stated above.    
Can the land be put in a trust or should the incorporated community own it?    
snowplowing, road grading (these are related, since plowing difficult if not flat)    
How do we get access to community monies so we can move forward?    
I'm sure things will come up in a community meeting. Our concern is that this is not fully public yet. Why not ask the community about making this public?    

Would you be willing to step up and take time on the Board under the HOA lite conditions?

Answer Count Percentage
Yes 8 50%
No 8 50%

Would you be willing to come to a meeting in the community to discuss these topics in person?

Answer Count Percentage
Yes 14 88%
No 2 13%

Do you feel comfortable paying dues at this time when it is questionable if we legally exist?

Answer Count Percentage
Yes 3 19%
No 13 81%

Do you feel comfortable contributing to the property tax on Reynolds's common land ?

Answer Count Percentage
No 14 88%
Yes 2 13%

What would you like us to know?

Need for better communication.    
A temporary board needs to step up and do the work required to get us back on track. Once bylaws are approved by the community, a board election needs to be held to elect a new board.    
More later....    
Thank you for this    
This GW website is AWESOME! I am happy to contribute to keep it going!!    
Where do I begin?!    
I wish everyone would get involved    
You really need to rethink this whole thing. Simplify it and propose simple thoughtful options.    
Right now, I and my sister are learning, but certainly want what is best for everyone. I'm not sure how to answer all of the questions (I think some are defaulting to "Yes" - so, perhaps an opt for I dont know yet would help). . Thanks so much!    
Thanks to you other 2 musketeers for fighting the good fight!    
neither completely liberal nor conservative. Despise the party system. Try to balance short term and long term goals. Environmentalist (surprised?)    
I don't approve of HOA lite. It's wishy washy. It's only a very slight improvement on what currently exists. Full HOA powers can be limited by how bylaws are written. I would gladly serve on a full HOA.    
The sooner this gets out to everyone, the better. The sooner a meeting for all can be planned the better. Thank you for doing all that you do! It's a breath of fresh air to have our community voices be heard.