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Documents requested from GWLUA

According to HOA laws the past Association had an obligation to the community to keep current records and have them available at any time for the members/landowners convenience.  We made the request for these documents  and  have a right to receive them.  The items in red were NOT produced.
  • All documents provided by the developer, such as community maps, plats, plans, land surveys, permits.
  • Recorded instruments related to all properties owned by the Association.
  • All board and membership meeting Notices and Minutes, and related documentation.
  • Association documents related to membership voting, the election of officers, directors, and membership approvals, such as Ballots, Proxies, Notices, Minutes.
  • Recorded Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs), Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws and any amendments.
  • Copies of Judgments, Liens, or any encumbrances recorded against, or on behalf of the Association.
  • Rules and Regulations.
  • Association's Insurance policies and any records.
  • Membership roster that includes the Association's members' mailing addresses, units/lot, and telephone numbers
  • All Association accounting records for the past 3 years, including but not limited to:
  1. Records of receipts and expenditures,
  2. Current account ledgers for each member of the Association reflecting the member's name, amount and due date of each annual assessment, payments made to the account and the current balance due,
  3. All Association financial reports, reviews, and audits,
  4. All contracts for work to be performed, including bids,
  5. Invoices for purchases made by the Association
We received nothing that indicated that the GWLUA had been renewed at ANY time nor did we receive the votes registered that gave the GWLUA the communities' permission to be charged for taxes and insurance on land legally in Mike Reynolds name.






UPDATED July 21 2019



To Amy Duke and all of the rest who are sure you still retain power even after allowing your power to expire.

I am once again petitioning you for any and all records that are due to me as a community member.  Including the CURRENT BANK BALANCES, I am specifically requesting the record of the vote that was taken to start applying our community funds to Reynolds insurance and tax statements.  I am also specifically requesting any and all records that would prove conclusively that the GWLUA is currently a legal entity and has a registered, filed, AND ACCEPTED HOA document.  I also formally request any and all documents that prove conclusively that somehow the GWLUA was renewed, as well as ALL commonly owned land deeds on property.  This is my third formal request and aside from a handful of bookkeeping, you have produced NOTHING that states to the contrary of my claim that you are expired, you do not exist, you have no legal authority over the community any longer and furthermore that you are covertly hiding this TRUTH from the community specifically in an attempt to retain control through suppression and ignorance

At this time I am also duly requesting any and all legal information regarding the past lawyer, Chavez and any current lawyer you may have hired or consulted.  These issues are of the utmost importance and as I am to assume that you intend to continue Business as Usual and hold yet another board meeting after your obvious expiration, the community DESERVES TO KNOW what is going on in the covert workings of those of you who are still ASSUMING power.

I am highly disappointed to find that my own neighbors are conspiring against the very community they have said they represent.  You have YET to make any statement at all to address this issue basically insuring that no one will be informed or even know what is going on for the upcoming meeting thus protecting your power grab.  Your forthright effort to keep everyone in the dark so that your chances to retain your power is appalling.  This is NOT for you to decide.  This is a COMMUNITY.  This is not your club.  THIS IS A COMMUNITY.

You all KNOW for a fact that this issue is paramount yet you purposefully have and are continuing to oppress us by willfully deceiving us.  Come forth and participate with all of us who already KNOW what you are doing and lend to the effort of educating others so that the entire community can make informed decisions going forward.  It is outlandish that you have not publicly addressed this issue and multiple other issues as the community is supposed to TRUST THAT YOU ARE LOOKING OUT FOR OUR BEST INTERESTS!  Quit betraying our trust.  Speak up!  Define the terms!  Be worthy of leadership.  If you think this type of chicanery is going to lend itself to people trusting you going forward, you are woefully mistaken.

DO THE RIGHT THING.  Understand that your attempt to keep people in the dark has literally been out done by the effort being made currently to expose you. 


Please produce the requested documents.  Prove me wrong.  I will happily apologize.  Prove me wrong.

LaNaeh Ashford

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