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Updated #EarthshipMutiny

Update on #earthshipmutiny 

I am sad that there is apparently no community outcry over this.

Earthship Biotecture is an LLC. with Mike as the sole member. Neither his employees, nor community members have any voice in how he runs his business. I suspect his employees are 'at will,' meaning he can fire them for no reason at any time. The only thing that will change his behavior is financial damage, which might happen if enough potential students finally hear about Mike's reputation.

The GW Inc board is another matter. regardless of whether they are a legal HOA, they are a NM corporation and they apparently are the legal owners of the common lands delineated in our warranty deeds. Because of that, they owe a duty to all property owners, to protect the lands.. which they are failing to do, since they have not stopped the Kushners from attempting to acquire our land through adverse possession. I've already written about this here:

Mike sits on this board. Two of his employees sit on this board. So far, the board has been totally silent about the accusations and how they intend to resolve this. We should all be contacting them to complain. It is inexcusable that Mike is allowed to remain in any position of authority regarding the community. To allow him to remain, supports his behavior.

Let's recap what we know: Mike has a long history of inappropriate behavior regarding students and employees and Phil has acknowledged this in writing. The clips above, suggest that there are a number of victims and witnesses. As a superior, Mike controls the incomes and housing of many of these victims, which gives him coercive influence. There has now been an accusation of rape, which Phil has dismissed, however police reports have been filed, suggesting that this is not just an idle accusation.

While Mike owns property here, and while the county allows him to continue to develop here, regardless of the duration of this development... we cannot stop him from being here.

Beyond that, we DO have a say. We can limit access to community property after business hours for all non-residents and their invitees. We can make formal complaints about people living in unfinished houses and all properties for which there is no Certificate of Occupancy.

In addition to demanding action from the board, we should all file formal complaints to the county planning department, the state construction board and the state attorney general.

Mike thinks everything is cool because we never complain. Its time we made it clear that everything IS NOT COOL.

profile-50.pngGillian Fryer commented 22 days ago