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Victims have no agenda

The agenda of rape by Mike Reynolds LaNaeh posted 

Why is no one shocked? Why has there been absolutely NO surprise?
And much much more importantly: Why does everyone just assume this is a credible claim?

I sit here fairly despondent this morning as I take in the fact that an entire week has now gone by in which a credible claim of rape of an Earthship Biotecture student has received no more notice by those who would be held in a position of authority or responsibility aside from a post that actually pretty much recognizes that this does and did happen and another from the accused saying the victim had an agenda.

I am still trying to figure out how getting raped would fill anyone's agenda. However that is what we are being told as the EXCUSE for this woman being raped by Mike. A man in authority who is supposed to be the head boss, the big guy, the one in charge. The person who is supposed to be ultimately responsible on these job sites.

No one is denying this happened. NO ONE IS DENYING THIS HAPPENED.

When Mike responded he did not deny this happened. He said the victim, WHO HE NAMED, had an agenda. Does this mean Mike thinks that telling everyone that this woman placed herself into this position to be raped by him was to gain some kind of power over Mike, is believable?? This is what his story wasn't her being raped it was ME!

The most disturbing part of all of this is it does NOT seem to be a one off. This is not a singular exclusive event that has never happened before and everyone is appalled that impropriety would ever be a part of anything that had to do with Mike Reynolds and his crew.

Instead, everyone, and I do mean every single person who has gotten wind of this, are NEVER shocked. They simply have a moment of thought and then that look comes over their face when in their own mind they TOO realize what dawns on every other person that finds out that everything they had heard, witnessed, or participated in themselves, was about to be revealed after all these years.

Evidently, the sexual abuse, drug abuse, alcohol abuse is what the Academy is teaching. Evidently its what the Academy is in place to do. Previously it had been stated from multiple sources that the students are picked by using their pictures and the crew selects their choice. Once they are on site and in control of the crew they then become manipulated into unsavory situations that put them at risk. This is the agenda Mike is speaking about.

When the foreman on a job site comes to the end of the day and starts asking the individual female crew members, "Who's your number one?" and is referring to who they are going to be set up with for the night, this is an agenda that no one ever thought would be spoken about outside of that job site. IT HAS.

When they brushed the community under the rug we were powerless to do a thing.
When they let all their paperwork expire we became empowered.
When we stood up against them they went behind the community's back and filed paperwork without our permission or knowledge.
When we stood up to them with legal cease and desist they ignored us and continued business as usual.
When we deny their power and stand up for ourselves against them they ignore us and seek out ways to gin up mass gossip to manipulate and take us down.

And now the intent is to sweep a credible claim of rape under that same rug where we all lie. And evidently from what I am currently seeing is that we are all going to remain quietly swept under Mike's rug of secrecy. Pathetic.

If this is not stopped it will continue. If it now continues every single one of us is complicit. I cant live with that, can you?

This is hearsay, but I've heard the line about choosing "your number one," from another source more than 5 years ago, before Catherine was here.

What I heard was that the academy leaders (men) would review pictures of female students and rate the girls they 'wanted' in order. This was a benefit of the job. They particularly picked foreign students who had little recourse if they regretted what happened.

Two unrelated sources, years apart, describe the same thing.

profile-50.pngGillian Fryer commented 2 months ago